It’s getting better I think


Good news, guys! I feel a little bit better today! I woke up fine and actually loved this morning’s light and atmosphere. I even went for a breakfast downstairs, not in my bed as it was until this day, I am also planning on cooking something easy and fun for my man and myself. I think that he deserves having some rest right now and I should now be in charge of making everyone comfortable!

As you can see I am totes fine, well, not totally but a lot better than I was. I think that I have actually surprised my husband with my sudden appearanceĀ in the kitchen in the morning at the time when I am usually still in bed and almost crying out of devastation. I think it definitely made his day a lot better! šŸ™‚

This makes me even happier. Oh and yes! I am also now sitting at the table and writing this post. Usually, I was like lying down and not wanting to get up at all.

Now I am sitting and reading about some Europe trips, I Ā dream about visiting Paris and Prague, it’d be so much fun to do so eventually!

Now, I’m going to look for a couple of recipes and then maybe I’ll do a post about our dinner!

Have a nice day or evening or anything wherever you are!


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