Hello! :)

Hello again! So I would like to start with some news that  I have found out about yesterday!

News are great. Honestly! My husband had a surprise planned for me and right when I was presenting him a dinner for two (with candles and stuff) he kneeled and asked me if I want to travel the world with him! I said yes! Although we both know that this trip won’t be happening right now, I was really surprised by the fact. He was very excited and said that he had planned this for the longest time, he also said that he has some money he’s been saving for the trip for a while and that we were not going to use them for anything else apart from our worldwide trip! Which was cool!

He was also happy to see me smiling and laughing and it was amazing that we have managed to surprise each other on the same day!

I am really happy knowing that I have him as my second half,  he is my angel and the love of my life. That is for sure and I am totally and 100 percent sure in this.

There are some things that we still luck, but having each other helps to overcome anything, even the fact that I had my uterus removed. By the way, I am not better with all of this. Still, do not want to talk about it with anyone. I think that it’ll get better with time but honestly, for now, everything does not seem that fine but it’s gotten better, I know.

So Yeah! This was another update and I am pretty much confident with myself and about my blog. Thank you again for your likes and feedback!



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