Had my mother calling me today. She was “back at it again”  with her ohhh this is so unfortunate that she won’t see her grandchildren or something. All of that same right after I told her that I was doing fine after the surgery. So I assumed that she thought that she finally could talk about what is the most important to her. I said that it is sad and all that jazz but I do not quite see how it is even relevant given my current state. She did shut up for a minute but then continued with oh sweety you should not be that negative, the world if full of magic and wonders, so do not think that this is all over for you. Yeah, talk about bad timing.

I do not know if any of you has experienced anything of the sort but it kills me to even hear anything about kids right at the moment. I know that here are women who cannot support my views so I am really sorry for killing the mood. However, what can you do in my situation? I really feel like I need some support apart from that I am getting from my husband, he has to go to work and I am alone all day long, the only good thing is that I can talk to my friends via skype and to him too. But it is not quite what I want. I would love to talk to someone who’s been dealing with the same emotional pain as I am right now…


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