I have decided that this day deserved to be marked! I have woken up in the morning without tears in my eyes, I haven’t had nightmares tonight or they weren’t as strong as they were before. It is a miracle.

I understand that this blog is getting repetitive and I won’t be continuing on writing about my “sudden” infertility and about what my life has become without the essential part of me as a woman.

My pills were in the fridge as I left them yesterday and I wasn’t able to find them this morning, turned out my husband misplaced them while cleaning the stuff. I was so scared that I could throw them away by accident because  I am totally out of my mind right now after that stress and stuff. No one though can stay the same after undergoing the major change in their life, the best example to it are tons and tons of funny images about having a hysterectomy and being sarcastic about it, I kind of get it but not that much. I think that sometimes people are totally overreacting and it is painful to watch. Sometimes I feel like I begin to develop dementia because of all of the things I forget and only remember about them after a month od something. It is totally not cool.

Anyways, this day has started greatly! And I am glad I have a place where I can share stuff like this.



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